25 June 2022


Walla Walla Valley Quilt Festival


Dear Friends!

After learning of the closure for the Walla Walla Fair & Frontier Days, our board met on June 10th to evaluate our responsibility and safety measures for our attendees for the 21st quilt festival.

We began our discussion with a mental view of our attendees.  We are a family oriented show, hosting about 2,000 visitors…Men, women, children, seniors and babies strolling around with an eyeful of visual stimulation.  There’s lots of discussion, laughter, sharing snacks or lunch in our café, lingering, having fun shopping, and many return daily to do it all again!

Obviously, we think of safely first!

​We reviewed WASHINGTON'S PHASED APPROACH, To be at Phase 4, would be life as we were in 2019.  We know that protective vaccinations would not be available by September, 2020.
So, looking at Phase 3 is still quite cautionary.  

  • We look at the span of counties and states that our attendees arrive from.
  • We look at the flow of attendees, and only allowing 50 guests to enter at a time.
  • We would not be able to provide the fabulous “West of the Blue’s” café.
  • We worried about our vendors who travel many distances and work hours to set-up and takedown…and would this be safe and profitable for them. 
  • We would require masks for everyone.
  • We would need to encourage social distancing.
  • We look at sanitation efforts in the restrooms and entire building. 

For these reasons...we are canceling  the 2020 Quilt Festival.
Please do not despair! Keep on creating and plan for September, 2021 for our next show.  We are already discussing how we can top our creativity for another fantastic show!
 Keep safe!


We will miss you at the fairgrounds!


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