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March 2022 Newsletter

Walla Walla Valley Quilt Festival
September 16-17, 2022
S.E. Washington Fair Ground, Walla Walla WA

March 2022

Hello Quilt Festival Supporters,

The Walla Walla Valley Quilt Festival is busy planning for the September 16-17, 2022 quilt festival.  We are ever so encouraged that we will be having the festival this year and we will have many exquisite quilts to show.

We are busy updating our website so quilts in the 4 categories cannot be registered quite yet but soon and we will keep you updated.  Quilts will need to be registered by midnight September 1 and delivered to the S.E. Washington Fairgrounds, Horticulture Building on September 10th or 11th. 

Quilt Categories: 

  • Large quilts:  perimeter greater than 200 inches 
  • Small quilts:  perimeter less than 200 inches 
  • Quilt Challenge:  Masquerade is the theme this year.  The quilt can be of any shape, but the combined total of all sides of the quilt cannot be less than 72 inches nor more than 160 inches (for example, an 18” X 18” quilt equals 72”; a 40” X 40” quilt equals 160”).  A round quilt cannot have a diameter greater than 40 inches.

Block Challenge: 

Using the Block Challenge fabric, create a quilt block measuring 12½" x 12½" (It will finish to 12" x 12.")

  • E-mail:  hedbergduffj@gmail.com
  • Fabric $1.00 +  $.50 postage if applicable. 

Block Challenge Fabric

Block Challenge Fabric
There is more information on the website about Guidelines for submitting quilts, so please take time to review.

Heather Black National Featured Quilter for 2022   

Information from her website:  Quiltachusetts - Modern Quilts, Quilt Patterns                            
A little bit about myself, I'm a single (widowed) mother of a beautiful  little girl and sneak quilting in whenever possible.  I've always been  creative and began oil painting and watercolors at age 9.  I continued to paint as  an adult but never liked the clean up, especially cleaning my brushes, so I basically gave it up.  I was starved for a creative outlet when my friend suggested we make quilts.
I began seriously quilting in the summer of 2011 and finished my first quilt in November 2011.  I loved it instantly.  My only "training" was two semesters of home ec. in junior high and a brief quilting club in college, so I hit the web looking for tutorials on how to make a quilt.  I worked through the  piecing and sandwiching then began hand quilting.  I had no idea that  you could use a sewing machine to quilt so I hand quilted my first  quilt, queen size.  That was the last time I hand quilted an entire quilt.  I now finish almost all my quilts on my longarm.
I chose the name Quiltachusetts for my blog because that's what my late husband, Stephen,  called my sewing room.  He'd casually say, "are you going to  quilt-achusetts?" and it stuck.  At the time I thought it was a fun name and now I'm very proud to use it for my blog.  Stephen also bought me  my first 'real' sewing machine for our 6 month anniversary and it was at  that point my love for quilting really took off.

About my designs, I'm not a traditional quilter.  I love and  respect the talent, time and creativity in traditional quilts but they would look really odd mixed into my home decor.  I'm a modern to contemporary quilter and designer with a love for bold geometric designs.
I enjoy finding inspiration in unique places especially from subjects that make an impression on me.  I know all my talent comes from God and I hope that He will be glorified in all my quilts.

If you'd like to see more of my quilts please visit me on Instagram

Judy Benzel Local Featured Quilt                   

Judy has been sewing most of her life and continues to create with fiber. A Home Ec college grad, she has branched out to computer sciences in her vocation, but her avocation still remains sewing and quilting.   An accomplished quilter and seamstress, she never ceases to amaze with her creative products.   Judy has been a member of the Quilt Festival Committee since 2002.  Judy and her husband are instrumental in helping in the set-up and take-down of the quilt festival and during the year. 

Tips of the Day:

BladeSaver Thread Cutter by Purple Hobbies LLCI just received one of these handy gizmos and I love quilting gizmos.  Bet you have a few too. 

Blade Saver
Don’t discard old rotary blades, use them in the BladeSaver Thread Cutter! Product Features: Give your used 45mm rotary blades extended life by using them in the BladeSaver Thread Cutter and make cutting your chain pieced fabric projects fast and easy. Each BladeSaver comes with a magnetic case to keep your thread cutter safe when not in use or when taking it to class. The BladeSaver case doubles as the blade stand to hold your thread cutter securely in place
A festival member shared this recipe for homemade Best Press Citrus Spray Starch

  • 3 cups distilled water (it must be distilled because some tap waters can stain your fabric).
  • ½ cup vodka. Use only vodka because it has no real odor. (*vodka is made from fermented potatoes which are a natural starch).
  • ¼ to ½ tsp. Bergamot essential oil or any citrus essential oil.

It helps blocks press crisp and there is no starchy residue.
Stay well and Happy Quilting
See you at the Quilt Festival
Nancy Kessler