2021 Quilt Challenge Theme


  • The design of your quilt may be original, traditional or a combination of old and new.  If the design is  based on another design you have seen, please acknowledge the original quilt maker.
  • Your quilt must consist of top, batting, and backing.  It must be fastened together with machine quilting, hand quilting, or ties.
  • Your quilt may be pieced and/or appliquéd, and embellished in any way.
  • The quilt can be of any shape, but the combined total of all sides of the quilt cannot be less than 72 inches nor more than 160 inches (for example, an 18” X 18” quilt equals 72”; a 40” X 40” quilt equals 160”).  A round quilt cannot have a diameter greater than 40 inches.
  • Hanging sleeve is optional.
  • You may use any fabric(s) of your choice.  The choices should reflect the theme of the Challenge, “Portal."
  • Items must have a CLOTH LABEL with a minimum of the quilter’s name, city, state and title of the entry and must be firmly attached to the back of the quilt or block (paper label is not acceptable). 
  • Challenge quilts will be judged on appropriateness to theme, workmanship, creativity, design and use of color.  The decision of the judge(s) will be final.