07122018 - Walla Walla Valley Quilt Festival

July 20 2018

Howdy Y'All,

Summertime is here, and it finally turned warm.  So grab a cool drink and let's talk Quilt Festival for a few minutes. What's Happening?  That's a very good question.  We have a full house of vendors, and the quilt registrations are beginning to come in.  Since it's Mid-July already it's already time to think about what you would like to enter in the Festival and get that registration in.  

But let's talk about the Vendors first.  This year we will have the following:

      Designs by JB, Reardon, WA
      Glitz and Glamour,  Bremerton, WA

      Grammy G's Treasures & Notions,  Palouse, WA

      One Sister, Reardon, WA

      Material Girls Quilting, Inc., Orofino, ID

      Outlaw Creations,  North Powder, OR

      Seminole Patchwork,  Rochester, WA

      Sewing Basket & Quilted Country Inn, Prosser, WA

     Stash, Walla Walla, WA

     Walla Walla Sew & Vac and Spas, Walla Walla, WA

     West of the Blues will be back in the Quilter's Cafe.  A good place to park a spouse or a non-quilting friend while you enjoy all the eye candy.  And if you are really lucky, you might even get to try a scone warm from the oven!

Y'all save your change in the cookie jar and come prepared to enjoy the shopping opportunities!  

     Quilt registration:

It's time to get your quilt entries registered for the Festival.  You may use the electronic application on the website (www.wallawallaquiltfestival.org)
or you may use a regular fill in the blank form.  

Using the electronic form, if it goes through successfully, you should get a copy of your input back in your email.  I won't be acknowledging the entries that are submitted via regular Post Office mail.  

All entries must be submitted no later than midnight September 1, 2018.

     Quilt Dropoff:

We will be at the Floral Building, Walla Walla County Fairgrounds from 10 AM to 3 PM on both September 8 and September 9 to receive your quilts.  At that time you will be given a receipt for each quilt that must be presented when ...

     Quilt Pickup:

...you pick up your quilt(s) at the Community Building on September 16, beginning at 4 PM.  We will be there until 5:30 PM.  p.s.  No receipt - No quilt.

     Number of Quilts That You May Show:

You may enter up to three (3) large and/or small quilts.  All Block Lotto and Challenge entries not included in the count of 3.  

     Festival Dates and Times:

Doors open at 10 AM on September 14 & 15 and close at 5 PM
                      10 AM on September 16 and close at 3 PM


The large quilt that will be up for silent auction this year has been made by Jess Berry. His workmanship has won many ribbons for the outstanding applique and hand quilting.  The measurements on the quilt are 84" X 84".  It is a lovely piece, and will be on display at local stores in the coming days.  This quilt is truly an heirloom to be cherished.  We are most appreciative that Jess chose to support the Festival in this manner. 

By the way, all proceeds from silent auction quilts go to support future shows and support of local youth as they are introduced to quilting and other charitable endeavors!.

And there will be a nice assortment of smaller wall hangings and baby quilts for your bidding pleasure.  There will surely be something that shouts that it needs to go home with you!


The Challenge theme for this year is "BOOVILLE".  You are invited to stitch up your interpretation of this theme to compete for cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.  Quilts will be judged by our Nationally featured Quilter Teresa Silva.  They may not exceed 40 inches square or 160 inches around the perimeter.  Come one, Come all!.  


We will be having demonstrations hourly as we have in years past.  And this year, Teresa Silva will have a small long-arm quilting machine in her area and you will be able to watch while she works and demonstrates her techniques.  A wide variety of subject, sure to please.

Y'all save your change in the cookie jar and come prepared to enjoy the shopping opportunities!  


Kay Fortner still has several pieces of block lotto fabric.  Create a block 12.5" X 12.5" - finished size 12" X 12" using at least a small piece of the feature fabric.  All the blocks will be shown at the Festival and the People's Favorite block will take all of them home.  Contact Kay at kay.fortner@yahoo.com to get a fat eighth of the fabric!  


*A different tip on straight pins and pinning.  Sometimes when there is a bit of fullness that needs to be eased in to make a piece fit, it helps to use your pins as a stitch.  Make sure that the larger side is next to the feed dogs.  The pins help keep puckers and pleats at bay and are easy to remove before your machine sews over them.

*And then, we all have bent pins, used needles cutter blades that have given their all and are no longer useful.  I am always very hesitant to just chuck them in the trash, fearful that someone might unknowingly get stuck or cut.  So, I have a very small fruit jar that sits next to my machine that houses all those "have beens".  Takes a long while for the jar to fill up, but when it does the whole kit and kaboodle can be disposed of safely.

*I know I have mentioned before that I wash everthing and then iron with starch before cutting.  But here's a tip on the soap to wash with.  How about one to two tablespoons of Dawn blue dish washing soap.  It has many of the same ingredients as Synthrapol which lifts excess dye particles from fabric and washes them away, and it is mild so it does no harm to the fabric.  I have used horse shampoo in the past because it too is very mild and not harmful to the fabric, but I think I will try the Dawn suggestion too.  It's good stuff!

*And last but not least, if your cutting board is beginning to look a bit like a rag quilt with all the fuzzies from cutting, use a white block eraser to help remove all the fuzzies.  You can help prevent these from happening by using a sharp blade.  (I tend to use the blades till they wouldn't cut hot butter - bad on me!  Dangerous as well as frustrating).


It's going to be another warm day here, pushing 100 degrees.  I will not complain, but then I will close up the house and turn on the air conditioner about noon time.  

So you all stay cool too.  Share this newsletter with your friends, relatives and neighbors.  Want to meet you all at the Festival this year.  It's going to be GREAT!

Questions, concerns, tips to share?  Contact me!

Cathy Wiese
Walla Walla Valley Quilt Festival 

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