August 2017

Aigist 28, 2017 Newsletter
Howdy Y'All,

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The registrations for the 2017 Festival have been coming in. Unfortunately, you may have encountered difficulties getting registration through on the electronic system attached to the web site.  

We really had hoped that we had all the bugs worked out, but alas, that was not to be.  But, know that we really want you to be successful in getting your entries in and will work toward that end!  

If you have registered your quilt but not received a confirmation email, please email me and I will confirm receipt, or work with you to get it registered.  The email address is: 

An alternative to that is simply sending an email with the registration info in it and I will get it into the system and confirm it for you.

One more way is to simply fill out a pen and ink registration and mail to us at P. O. Box 1471, Walla Walla WA.  99362

Other dates to remember:  

**  September 1 all quilt registrations due.

**You must deliver your quilt to the Flower Building, Walla Walla County Fairgrounds, 360 Orchard St, Walla Walla on September 9 or 10, 2017, between the hours of 10 AM to 3 PM

**Festival begins on September 15,  10 AM - 5 PM.  Same hours on September 16 and September 17, 2017.  We are in the Community Building at the Fairgrounds.  Admission is $6.00 and gives you access all three days to the wonderful eye candy and vendors.  

**You may pick up your quilt(s) at 6 PM on September 17, at the Community Building.  We need the time between closing and pickup time, to get them down, folded and organized so that we can hand them to you quickly.  Web site had a mistake on the date which I corrected this morning.  It definitely is September 17.

If you are the successful bidder on a silent auction quilt, you may pay for them and pick up at 6 PM also.  If you are unable to pick up then, you will be contacted a few days after the Festival.


Joe will be with us all three days and will be doing daily demonstrations at 2PM each day.  AND, he will be entertaining us with an additional trunk show and his musical talent on Saturday evening,  7 PM, 9/16 at the Courtyard Marriott on Rose Street.  I have it on good authority that Joe  really knows how to entertain, and we will get to hear how he came to be the a quilter.  Tickets are on sale, $5.00 each.  Save your spot by contacting Stash, Walla Walla Sew 'N Vac & Spas, Highland Quilts (Athena) or me at the email address.  


Your quilt needs to be squared up before binding.  To check if you have truly reached  "square" or "rectangular"  Measure from diagonal corner to diagonal corner; repeat with remaining set of corners.   The resulting measurement will be the same if you have achieved the square result.  

When sewing blocks together, you may be encountering a big bump where seams are nested.  One way to mitigate this problem is pressing your seam(s) open.  Makes your block a little flatter!   

And this has nothing to offer your your quilting, except more time! 

Yesterday I was checking out Pinterest and came across a tip on how to clean grungy, dirty, baked on goop on oven racks.  In typical fashion, said to myself, "yeah, right!"  But here's what it said to do.
Put your oven racks in the bath tub and cover with the hottest water possible.  Throw in four or five fabric softener sheets, really the cheapest you can find work well too.  Add something around a tablespoon of Dawn dishwashing soap.  Leave overnight.
I found out my stopper in my bathtub has a slow leak and actually had to fill the tub three times with hot water, but never changed the dryer sheets.
Next morning, I pulled them out and took to the sink to wash off the racks.  To my surprise, my first swipe on the first rung gave me shiny chrome!  Clean, beautiful chrome.  How sweet it is.  
So although I am confident that your oven racks are spotless, keep this tip in mind for if and when the dirty rack virus may assault your oven!

And that's all Folks!  Remember I am just a few keystrokes or a phone call away.  See you Soon!

Cathy Wiese
Walla Walla Valley Quilt Festival
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