April 5, 2017
Howdy All,

Lots has happened since last we chatted, but I'm back to share some information, notes and tips with you.  So, sit back and enjoy.


New Information

Think I shared with you that Joe Cunningham will be our Nationally known featured quilter this year.  He will be with us all three days to visit with you and even share some short demos with us each day at approximately 2 PM.  

But, what I didn't tell you was that Joe is an accomplished musician, as well as a master quilter.  He has agreed to an evening presentation on Saturday September 16, 7 PM, to show us some additional quilts, share more about himself and  provide some great music.  This presentation will be held at the Marriott Hotel, in Walla Walla, and tickets will go on sale July 1, 2017, for $5.00 each.  We anticipate the program will be about 2 hours. Attendance will be limited to the first 200 sold. Tickets will be available at Stash, Walla Walla Sew 'N Vac & Spas and from all committee members. You can always contact me at info@wallawallaquiltfestival.org for a ticket.  

We anticipate that the tickets will go fast, so the Early Birds will get the tickets!

Local Featured Quilter:  
We are pleased to have Ken Hegge from Pendleton, OR as our local featured quilter this year.  If you were were at the show last year, you probably remember his cross stitched wildlife quilt that took him many years to complete.  Ken assures us that he has a stash of quilts to share with us.  He has been quilting since he was a teen, and is also accomplished in tatting, Temari Japanese string art, fishing, hunting, dutch oven cooking and golfing.  Know you will enjoy visiting with Ken and see his wonderful work!  

The Dates:   

June 1, 2017             Quilt Registration opens both electronically through
                                www.wallawallaquiltfestival.org and via snail mail.
                                If you need a form to submit by the Post Office, 
                                contact me at info@wallawallaquiltfestival.org

July 1, 2017               Tickets  will go on sale for "An Evening with Joe".  
                                 $5.00 each

September 1, 2017     All Quilt Registrations must be in not later than                                         midnight, this date

September 9, 10, 2017   Quilt Delivery to Floral Building 10 AM to 3 PM                                          both days

September 15, 2017    Quilt Festival opens.  Hours 10 AM to 5 PM daily
September 16, 2017    Quilt Festival opens.  Hours 10 AM to 5 PM daily
September 17, 2017    Quilt Festival opens.  Hours 10 AM to 5 PM daily

September 17, 2017    Pick up your quilts at Community Building, 6 PM to                                   7 PM

Silent Auction Quilt(s)

As you can see, the Festival Committee has been hard at work creating the large Silent Auction quilt that will be offered during the Festival.  The offering this year is a play on the Festival Challenge "Paint the Town Red".  It is a lovely quilt and will make a treasured addition to someone's home.

And as usual, we will have a number of smaller wall hangings and baby quits for your bidding pleasure.  Always a lot of fun!  From left to right, Becky Martin, Nancy Kessler, Cathy Wiese, Terri Hellberg, Jan Eaton.  Judy Benzel was at the ironing board and performing "quality control" and missed being in the picture!  

Block Lotto:

We still have block lotto fabric available.  You can create your own chance of winning all the created blocks using this colorful fabric somewhere in the 12" block (finished) of your choosing. See the website for the fabric and contact Kay Fortner (email:  kayfortner@yahoo.com)  for your fat eighth.


We will have a full house of vendors for your shopping enjoyment.  Some valued returnees and some new ones.  I will give you a list in an upcoming newsletter.  

Tips and Tricks:

We have all experienced that frustrating nick in our rotary cutter blades that leaves just a few threads uncut, right?  Try this! Cut a 6" +/- piece of heavy duty aluminum foil.  Fold it several times to come up with 6 to 8 layers of foil.  Then take your cutter and make cuts through the foil several times.  Try your cutter again.  Seems to work for me!

And another trick using aluminum foil - it makes a great applique pressing sheet.  Iron applique pieces together on the nonstick side of foil, allow to cool slightly and peel up the entire unit.  (I'm thinking this is meant for iron-on applique!)

A neat way to store applique pieces is to cut a flannel-backed vinyl table cloth to size to fit a pizza box or other storage box.  Place your applique pieces on the flannel side of the square and stack them up.

This tip comes from Barbara Miller, New London, NH.  When chain piecing, take 5 or 6 extra stitches between pieces and then cut units apart in the middle of these stitches.  The tiny tails act as a kind of back stitching or knot to keep the seam from opening when handling the pieces.

And then:

It's time for me to close this out.  Hope you enjoy the newsletter and find it useful.  I encourage you to plan to visit the Festival and bring your non-quilting friends with you.  Tell them you are coming to an "art" show, cause that's really what it is.  The art just happens to be functional.  And you may even be able to brag that you were instrumental in contributing to the delinquency of a new quilter!

Give me a holler with your questions or comments.

'Till next time, Keep Quilting!

Cathy Wiese, WWVQF Committee

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