QF Newsletter 10/11/16

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UPDATE:  11/7/16   Sorry Y'all.  If you have received this before, I do apologize,  if not, this one is jam packed with info.  I'm still trying to learn the new system and unfortunately you are agonizing through the process with me.  Again, I do apologize!!!
October 17, 2016

Howdy, All Y'All,

Strange, isn't it, that with "maturity" comes longer recuperation times.  And thus the reason that this is so much later than usual after the Festival.  (OR could it be just a lame excuse????)  We have put #17 in the history books, and now will begin to update the website and get it ready for #18.  I want to thank all of you again for supporting our Festival with your attendance.  For those of you who didn't make it, you missed one great show!

'Course, I cannot claim to be completely objective, but the quilts were colorful, with many different patterns, and,  just plumb beautiful.  The Featured Quilters, Diane Nagle from Las Vegas, NV and Wende Rohde from Pendleton, OR were the icing on the cake!  Each had beautiful quilts to add to the ambiance of the show, and their demonstrations were extremely helpful.  So, you need to put the dates of #18 on the your calendar and start planning to join us that weekend! 

However, before we start in on #18, how about I list all the ribbon winners chosen by you and our Vendor supporters! 

Best of Show:      All Quilts       Ken Hegge,  "Patience"

Large Quilts:        1st Place         Eleanor Weston,  "Eternity with Jesus"
                                  Special Award from Highland Quilts, Athena, OR
                              2nd Place       Jess Berry,  "Welsh Beauty"
                              3rd Place        Nancy Knowlton, "Garden Among Thorns
                      Also tied for 
                              3rd Place        Mary Jo Geidl,  "Kaleidoscope"
                                   Special Award from West of the Blues         
                             People's Choice  Mary Price, "Escape:

Small Quilts:         1st Place        Mary Price,  "Posie Hexie Diagonal Table Topper"
                              2nd Place       Lianne Schellenberger,  "Hey Mom!  Look   
                                                          at Me"
                                                           Special Award from Walla Walla Sew 'N 
                              3rd Place        Becky Martin, "Self Portrait"

Festival Challenge  "Stained Glass"
                                 1st Place          Nancy Kessler,  "Stained Glass"
                                  2nd Place        Deanna Jameson,   "Up, Up, and Away"
                                  3rd Place         Terri Hellberg , "Roses:
                                  People's Choice:  Becci Lund,  "A Star:

Block Lotto Winner  Block # KK  Mona Himmelberger


We are already planning for the 2017 Festival.  And I know you've heard it before, but we are so excited that #18 will be the best ever.

Mark your calendars:   September 15, 16, and 17, 2017, 10 AM to 5 PM daily
                                      Admission is $6.00 and good for all three days (such a                                                                                                bargain!)
                                      Walla Walla County Fairgrounds, Community Building, 360                                                                                        Orchard St.,  Walla Walla, WA

Many of our great vendors will be back with us to help us keep our piggy banks from overflowing.
And we have already chosen our Festival Challenge theme.  It is "Paint the Town Red".  See our website for rules, but remember, there are cash prizes to be won for the first three winners. 

Block lotto fabric has been selected and ordered.  There are more colors in this year's fabric than Carter has pills (or am I dating myself with that one? It really means there are a BUNCH of colors!).  We will make sure that you know when the fat eighths are available.  Simply make a12" finished size block using a small bit or as much of the chosen fabric as you like.  The people attending will choose the winner. The person who created the winning block will  get to take all the blocks home.  There were 21 blocks this year and enough leftover fabric to make another three which means theoretically there could be two quilts for the winner.  Stay tuned.

BUT, I think the most exciting news is our Nationally known featured quilter.  Drum Roll Please!  It is Joe, the Quilter,  Cunningham.  Many of you are already familiar with Joe and his work.   He has appeared in multiple television programs, many publication, authored eleven books, and is a talented musician as well.   Here is an excerpt from his website:

"Joe Cunningham began making quilts professionally in 1979, after a ten-year career as a musician in Michigan. His early mentors were steeped in the history and traditions of quilts, leading Cunningham to a life of study in quilt history and a love of traditional technique. Over the years his quilts have evolved into a unique, personal style. His quilts are in the permanent collections of museums, as well as in numerous private collections. Cunningham’s 11 books on quilts include the 2010 book “Men and the Art of Quiltmaking,” (the first book on the subject), a museum catalogue for the Shelburne Museum's exhibition, "Man-Made Quilts: Civil War to the Present,"  and his essay for the de Young Museum show "Amish Abstractions: Quilts from the Collection of Faith and Stephen Brown."  His column for the national magazine The Quilt Life is called “Biased and Edgy.” He has been seen on the Peabody Award winning PBS series "Craft in America," the HGTV series “Simply Quilts with Alex Anderson”, the PBS series “Sewing with Nancy” and on “The Quilt Show” with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims.”  He gives talks about quilts and teaches workshops nationwide"

 I hope you will take the time to check out his website at  http://joethequilter.com   There may be an opportunity for us to organize an evening with Joe with a "show and tell" as well as some amazing music thrown in.   Will keep you posted on that too.     

We are in the process of finalizing the local featured quilter.  Again will let you know when this is actually finalized.     


The other day I was getting ready to machine quilt a small wall hanging on my loved machine which I have had for at least 10 years if not 15.  I got out the box with the walking foot in it.  There are two interchangeable heads to this foot and one I had never used.  I sat there looking at this weird foot with a guide down the center when my mind said to me "DUH!  Why haven't you been using this one for stitch in the ditch quilting???"  Indeed,  I tried it and it works like a charm. 

So you may be asking what is the moral to this story?  It is simply review all your additional machine feet to see if there is an intended use that you may have missed that would make your life a lot easier. And while you are at it, why not review your sewing machine manual?  There is a lot that my machine may do that I have either forgotten, never used, or never knew about.  And that manual is the place to find it all. 

And then, I was asking my buds for other tips I could share with you.  Becci says she is really enjoying the quilting rulers that are made specifically for home sewing machines.  I'm thinking if you do an internet search for "home machine quilting rulers" that you can see more details that I can offer.

One more....Pam says each time she starts a new project she winds several bobbins in the color  thread that she is using.  It is frustrating to be at a critical juncture in a quilt and have to stop to wind another bobbin.  Great tip, Pam!  


I am heading to West Texas to visit kinfolk next week.   My weather app says it is supposed to be 93 degrees there today.  Another shock to the system delivered by the weather.  But we feel so fortunate,  So many people are dealing with much more serious damage that a little discomfort.  I personally am saying a prayer for all those in need today.  Maybe you will too? 

Thanks again for you all who made it to the Festival and made it successful again.  And for those of you who didn't...you missed a great show if I do say so myself!  Make plans to be with us next year! 

And help us spread the word.  If each of you shared your experiences at the show and encouraged others to sign up for our newsletter on the website and further encouraged them to attend the Festival, we will be around for a lot longer and continue to make it better each year! 

Y'all have a good fall, and keep on quilting!

Cathy Wiese
Walla Walla Valley Quilt Festival
email:  info@wallawallaquiltfestival.org
web site:  www.wallawallaquiltfestival.org