2019 Local Featured Quilters Susie Golden & Pat Lucarelli

 Pat Susie. picture 2


I have always had a love of sewing. Growing up I spent a lot of time with my maternal grandmother, and she taught me to sew on her Singer sewing machine that did nothing but straight stitch and reverse. When I was in high school, and for quite a few years after we were married, I continued to sew garments for myself, and also for Susie after she was born. A friend also taught me to crochet and knit, my mother did a lot of hand embroidery, which I learned to enjoy, and then Susie introduced me to quilting, and to the wonderful world of Meg Hawkey. Susie had taken some quilting classes, and together we continued our love of this wonderful hobby!

One of the first quilts we did together was a Susan Branch small quilt that required some satin stitching. I quickly realized I needed to up upgrade my equipment, since my machine was very basic and did not do a very good satin stitch.  On my lunch hours when I worked, I remember standing outside the sewing store and watching the embroidery machine through the window making a beautiful design all by itself. I was mesmerized and hoped someday I could learn how to do that. Near retirement from my job of 32 years at Americold Logistics, I invested in my first sewing/machine embroidery machine and absolutely loved it.

I enjoy many different types of sewing projects and am learning more all the time, including embroidery on wool. For many years, I have found hand embroidery to be a wonderful method of sewing while watching TV or traveling.

Susie and I sew together any time we can, and I think we both learn many techniques and tips from each other.   Since we live next door to one another, we have combined many of our fabrics and patterns, making for more choices for both of us. We love making bags, coin purses, wallets, lunch bags, small and large quilts, and any other items that might catch our eye.

A few years ago we decided to join our Quilt Guild and have met so many wonderful quilters who give us even more inspiration.


My love of crafting began at a young age when my mother taught me to sew clothing and crochet. I have always enjoyed having a project to work on, especially portable projects for traveling in the car, watching tv or during lunch breaks. Hand embroidery peaked my interest after receiving a set of tea towels as a gift. I enjoy hand embroidery and piecing blocks together into quilts, table toppers, pillows and wall hangings as well as making tea towels as gifts for others.

My first attempt at quilting was in 1989 – a trip around the world pattern - when I hadn’t yet learned about strip piecing (it was a king-sized quilt!). I realized I needed to take quilting classes to learn from the experts. Over the years I have made more than 50 quilts, many as gifts or donations to local charities. Shortly after learning to quilt my mother took an interest in quilting and we have since spent many days, taken classes, and shopped quilt stores together.    J