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The Walla Walla Valley Quilt Festival Committee is sad to announce they will be cancelling the September 2020 Quilt Festival.

The decision was made for a variety of reasons but most importantly the health of our attendees, volunteers, vendors, exhibitors, staff and featured quilters.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone for the September 2021 Quilt Festival.

2020 Nationally Featured Quilter Heather Black

Heather Black

A little bit about myself, I'm a single (widowed) mother of a beautiful little girl and sneak quilting in whenever possible.  I've always been creative and began oil painting at age 9.  I continued to oil paint as an adult but never liked the clean up, especially cleaning my brushes, so I basically gave it up.  I was starved for a creative outlet when my friend suggested we make quilts.

I began quilting in the summer of 2011 and finished my first quilt (Versailles) in November 2011.  I loved it instantly.  My only "training" was two semesters of home ec. in junior high so I hit the web looking for tutorials on how to make a quilt.  I worked through the piecing and sandwiching then began hand quilting.  I had no idea that you could use a sewing machine to quilt so I hand quilted my first quilt, queen size.  That was the last time I hand quilted an entire quilt.

I chose the name quiltachusetts for my blog because that's what my late husband, Stephen, called my sewing room.  He'd casually say, "are you going to quilt-achusetts?" and it stuck.  At the time I thought it was a fun name and now I'm very proud to use it for my blog.  Stephen also bought me my first 'real' sewing machine for our 6 month anniversary and it was at that point my love for quilting really took off.

About the quilts!  I'm not a traditional quilter.  I love and respect the talent, time and creativity in traditional quilts but they would look really odd mixed into my home decor.  I'm a modern quilter and designer with a love for bold geometric designs.

I enjoy finding inspiration in textile, patterns, architecture and, of course, other quilters.  I 'm dedicating this blog to medium to larger quilts I have designed.  If you'd like to see more of my quilts please visit my Flickr or Instagram Accounts I hope whoever stumbles across this site will enjoy browsing some of my quilts.



2020 Local Featured Quilter

 Judy Benzel

 Judy has been sewing most of her life and continues to create with fiber.  A Home Ec college grad, she has branched out to computer sciences in her vocation, but her avocation still remains sewing and quilting.   An accomplished quilter and seamstress, she never ceases to amaze with her creative products.   One of Judy's specialties is putting together the Demonstrations and schedules at the Festival.