In the Beginning....

In 1998, a couple of Walla Walla Businesswomen were assertively looking for a way to help increase visitors to our area.  These two individuals first conceived a quilt show that would potentially draw people from across the region.  Louise Winchel is a quilter and brought that expertise to the endeavor.  Carolyn Tuttle is a lady who appreciates the art/craft, and knows how to organize to make things  happen.

Eventually, they were joined by Jan Eaton, an accomplished quilter, teacher, and  supporter of the effort.  Jan was asked to establish a committee to make the idea a reality.  Jan was joined by Cathy Wiese and a few volunteers to bring the Keepsake Collection of winning wall quilts to the Kirkman House Museum in 1999.

Through the years, we have evolved into a much larger quilt show and grown in size thanks to the support of the community, and to quilters from everywhere.  Today our committee is still small, only twelve members, but we love what we do, and live for the three days of stitched splendor in September when we actually get to meet you all face-to-face.

Some members of the Committee have  participated intermittently due to a volume of circumstances, some members have been added, and we have mourned the loss of two of our members.  The current Committee is:

Judy Benzel
Nancy Kessler
Becky Martin
Pam Murray
Terri Hellberg
Sherry Moran
Deanne Johnson
Judith Hedberg-Duff

           wwvqf 2016 GROUP PIC



From left to right:
1st Row:  Becci, Dyann, Becky, Pat Rhode, Kay, Pam
2nd Row: Jess, Terri, Jan, Cathy
3rd Row: Cathy, Judy, Nancy